Warehouse storage racking is applied in more and more industries, but do not blindly choose storage racks, because many types of storage racks, only suitable for own warehouse racking is the best. What are the factors that refer to a suitable storage racks? Heda will tell you the details.
1. Warehouse environment
Because the storage racks basically use environment for the warehouse, so we need first consider the physical environment factor of the warehouse, including the warehouse area, the physical environment, ventilation, lighting, fire protection, ground loading capacity and etc. Racks need to set the direction of placing the types of goods, such as the number of needs.
2. Use of goods
Different goods require different types of racks, we need to consider the form, each location size (length, width and height), each section of weight, and if it is good for neatly stacking.
3. Access mode of goods
How the goods are placed on the rack, and also the choice of warehouse racks to consider the scope. The rack is through manual access and need to consider whether highly convenient for operation personnel access; each unit can easily carry the weight of the goods and other factors. Material handling equipment is through access to consider: the maximum lifting height conveying tool is able to upgrade to the height of the top layer of the rack, shelf between the channels are satisfied with the handling tool operation.
4. Individuation factors
Some warehouse racks have some personalized requirements, such as cold storage racks, whether the need for light avoidance and other factors, the need for special treatment, according to the requirements of the design.

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