1. Racking layout planning

Racking layout planning should be in line with the e-commerce customer logistics management, and the planning scheme is repeatedly communicated and demonstrated, such as the new racks are listed in the front, the best seller racks are listed next, the normal sale racks are listed in the last, the farthest for the unmarketable racks. In order to facilitate quick access, when the rack is idle or occupied a lot, how to adjust the storage location of goods to ensure efficient shipping and so on need detailed planning.


And we should take full consideration of the operation flow and management process of the electricity supplier warehouse, try to make the main and secondary aisles of the rack unobstructed, and ensure the correct flow of the goods, so as to ensure that the channel is not blocked when the volume of the warehouse is large.


2. Selection of the types of racks

The rack can be divided into many kinds according to function and load, and which kind of rack can be used reasonably according to the size. Type and weight of the specific product, such as the heavy goods or large items are normally recommended for the heavy duty rack. And items of various types and smaller weights will recommend mezzanine, etc., or combinations of different kinds of racks.


3. Racking design aspects

E-commerce business scope is wide, may involve shoe clothing, cosmetics, household appliances and so on, for example, for footwear products, design separates, so as to prevent different brands, shoe code channeling, cosmetic category can be designed specific boxes for classification, in addition to the design of the back network, to prevent the fall of goods.


4. Delivery of goods

In line with the demand for fast shipment of electric business enterprises, in addition to designing hydraulic lifting platform, slide can also be increased to avoid affecting the speed of shipment during power failure.


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