Out of space is a common problem in any type of warehouse and storage device. Products are returned, overloaded, or simply backed up somewhere in the supply chain.
1. The warehouse must comply with the FIFO principle to ensure that the goods will not be returned for long service age and damaged packaging. The unnecessary backlog is avoided, thus improving the utilization ratio of the warehouse and saving a lot of unnecessary costs.
2. Warehousing enterprises should use WMS storage management system. Standardized process can effectively improve office efficiency, operational efficiency, and inventory accuracy and so on. Every month or every quarter of an enterprise needs to provide standardized training and safety explanation for staff training.
3. People need to be responsible for handling goods and communicating with customers. The company needs to inform the standard and process of delivery, find that the problem should be reported in time, timely treatment, and timely scrap, to achieve the weekly plate and monthly plate, to avoid the long stock of goods backlog.
4. According to the warehousing and loading and unloading of warehouses and materials, the assigned personnel are assigned to the prescribed loading and unloading tasks on time, and the requirements for stacking are strictly carried out, and the loading and unloading standards are in line with the loading and unloading requirements.
But the question always exists: exactly where should these products go? Worse still, what should they do when they are returned? If there is a problem of storehouse overload, it is necessary to keep the warehouse within control. Here are some ways to solve this problem.
1. Determining who controls inventory: one of the most common problems of storehouses is finding out who generated them. Many independent warehouses deal with products from different retailers, and they may have contract or legal protection measures to properly protect their stock, if the product is stored in foreign equipment. If the warehouse has inventory from different retailers or manufacturers, find out whose inventory causes the problem of overload, and then once the product arrives at the warehouse to ensure that it is actually capable of managing and controlling.
2. Better tracking methods: even the most complex and deliberate inventory control methods often fail to explain the warehouse stock, so it can make immediate changes to its own position and management methods. Check the traces of current products and see if there are any areas where they can do better, such as burst products may be ignored by more standard inventory tracking procedures. If a worker jumps over the burst product during counting and scanning, the product will not disappear.
3. Designation position: according to the types of stored products, the warehouse product may eventually be mixed with the current inventory, making it more difficult to track, even though some of the current warehouse products record the current inventory situation. The best way is to use a wire mesh to set up a special area with a tray shelf to store the stock, and do not deviate from the established standards when using inventory and products.
4. Keep track and update: no attention to the problem of overload will cause another problem. After making new tracking procedures and specifying a storage area for them, you need to focus on tracking and calculating these items until you find a solution. They may eventually be sent back to the manufacturer or to the wholesaler as a discounted commodity, but before that, you need to separate them and make sure that the count is accurate to avoid problems.
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