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  • Heda Rack focused on providing the most economical and suitable storage solutions for the customers. Heda Rack has more than 8 year's project design and exporting aboard experience. The professional structure engineer team can provide highest cost-effective accurate design and quotation for you with many years locale experience. We will provide the field measurement and planning services not only in domestic but also aborad. Heda's quality, 10 years guarantee.

  • By mean of 17 years professinal experience of logistics warehousing equipments development, design, manufacture. Each standard rack miantains 10-years normal service life by testing the quality from the selection of materials to the processing technic. The design and manufacture of Heda's products are seriously complied with all kinds of international standards, which including CE,BV and ISO 9001:2008.Heda's products have been passed by the third party's inspection and obtained the certificates as well.

  • Foreign trade export packing, reduce loss, save costs. According to the different shape, material, surface treatment and other comprehensive conditions, Heda Rack investigate the unique packing method for foreign trade export container transportation system. We through use the bracket, wooden skid, metal belt, wrapping film, corrugated paper, inflatable packer and other materials to package products, it can reduce the friction and collision of transportation and also logistics loss. At the same time, our unique package design facilitate mechanical equipment such as forklifts and hand operated transport loading and unloading the cargos directly, it greatly reduce labor costs.


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