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As the professional logistics using facilities, warehouse racks are widely applied in many industries such as logistics, factories, enterprises, warehouses and business users, etc. There are many different kinds of warehouse shelves, many users when buying them don't know how to evaluate the quality of warehouse shelves and choosing the right ones, so often decides by price for everything, finally they find that racks are not applicable for their warehouse or poor quality of them . In this case, the users should know some basic parameters of warehouse racks.

1.Material of warehouse racks is the most important parameters, because it determines the performance of racks, such as load capacity, service life, etc. The main materials of warehouse racks are steel, cold rolled steel, Angle steel and slab steel, do not believe that cheap inferior steel warehouse shelves, the security is lowest.

2.Specification of racks can not be ignored, because this is the most easy thing to cut corners by rack manufacturers. Basically the manufacturers will not reduce the height or length of racks, but play tricks on  thickness of shelves or diameter of uprights which are not noticeable. Therefore we need to measure the shelves, upright, beam and other specifications when we purchase the racks, that can ensure that the parameters of the warehouse shelves are in accordance with the contract.

3.Installation is also the important part, when we install the warehouse racks, various accessories to buckle in place should be focused. We need to ensure the quantity and qulity of setscrew in the heavy duty racks. The buyer can shake the racks after installation to test its sturdy and strong.

4.When we use racks must be implemented according to the load capacity, cannot be used overweight.


The safety of the warehouse shelves depends on shelf factory strictly controlling the quality and the material, the user's implementation is also very important. The both sides must be strict with themselves, so the warehouse shelves would ensure the safe use。


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