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Significance of racking modernization

1. Improve the land utilization

For example of mezzanine, the area has not changed, the construction area increased, the volume rate increased. Compared with the steel structure warehouse, invests in the mezzanine with less investment, short construction period, quick effect, adjustable, removable characteristics. Therefore, considering the factors such as the volume rate and input output, the implementation of the project can effectively improve the land use efficiency.

2. Improve asset utilization and rate of return

The use of storage racks can improve the utilization of the warehouse. In general, equivalent to 1.5 to 2.5 times the amount of flat storage, warehousing revenue increased the proportion.

3. Improve the quality of logistics services

The use of racking products are generally placed in the pallet, when the product turnover to the warehouse, firstly stacked on the pallets by the forklift, high speed and load capacity improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, the average loading time is reduced by 26%.

4. Enhance corporate image, expand brand awareness

The racking system enhances the brand effect of the storage. To the customer, they will see the logistics facilities, advanced equipment, technology and efficient service, and enhance the confidence of cooperation, so as to introduce large customers, business customers and high-end products to provide a reliable guarantee.


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