Flow rack is evolved from medium-sized storage racks. The flow strip of the flow rack is directly connected to the front and rear beams and the intermediate support beams, and the beams are directly hung on the Uprights. The installation inclination of the flow strip depends on the size, weight of the container and the depth of the flow rack, usually 5%-9%. The bearing capacity of the flow strip roller is 6kg/piece. When the cargo is heavy, 3-4 flow strips can be installed on one raceway. Usually, a support beam is installed at every 0.6m in depth direction to increase the stiffness of fluency bars. When the raceway is longer, the divider plate can be used to separate the raceway. The cargo terminal needs to install brake pads to slow down the goods and reduce the impact. Flow racks usually have 4 sizes:
Racks are widely used in logistics. With the increase of goods, the requirements for racks are increasing. Now there are more and more kinds of racks, such as combination racks, flow racks, and direct racks and so on. Then, what are the points for attention when choosing flow racks?
1. The stability of flow rack. The stability of racks has always been one of the key issues in rack structure design. Because there are many uncertainties in rack structure design, construction and use, rack stability is very important in the selection and purchase.
2, when buying racks, look at the deformation, uneven phenomenon. Such racks are not strictly inspected in production. Of course, it is also a poor rack. The material used on the racks must conform to the national standards. If it does not conform to the national standards, it cannot be purchased.
3. Plan warehouse characteristics ahead of schedule. The choice of flow racks must be suitable for their own warehouse characteristics, so before buying must be their own planning, or let professional and technical personnel tailor-made, this will greatly increase the utilization of the warehouse, will also make the possibility of future problems to the minimum.
4. Process problems. Choose rack materials to meet your requirements, meet your standards; flow rack after forming black parts should be through degreasing, rust removal, pretreatment, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and many other links. The quality of powder is also divided into good and bad, generally every rack company has a standard color, spraying standard color generally low cost, if the use of special colors, powder change will increase the duration of the project, waste of powder, so the cost will be relatively high.
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