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Which products are suitable for storage on a multi-layer rack system

In a global pandemic, with more and more people placing orders offline, maximizing warehouse storage space in distribution centers and supply chains has never been more important.With limited wall-to-wall space in the warehouse, the only direction left is up.This is where high-end multilayer shelving systems come in.Also known as Tall Building, these innovative pallet racking systems offer multiple levels of storage capacity, allowing you to expand warehouse storage capacity and even open up new markets in the process.


Increasing your inventory input/output capacity can also make warehouse operations more profitable, efficient, and efficient.

How does the multi-layer shelf system work?
For distribution centers and manufacturing facilities that want to expand their operations without occupying the largest storage space, the multi-layer racking system is an ideal warehouse storage solution. You don't have to be forced to expand your warehouse facilities outwards, which involves hiring new personnel and expensive structural modifications, you can simply build on the existing pallet racking system in the warehouse.

Suitable for large and medium-sized warehouses that want to expand their business but have a limited area. The multi-tier system is an excellent space-saving and cost-effective solution.

From the ground up, these modular pallet racking systems allow for upward expansion to increase storage capacity as needed. Since the four sides of the bracket are completely unobstructed, the access and accessibility of the product is relatively safe and simple.

The multi-layer racking system has a variety of configurations, including:

Multi-layer metal racking system
Aisle metal racking system
Independent mezzanine metal shelving system
Metalware is one of the leading manufacturers of multi-layer pallet racking systems, offering a variety of compatible accessories that can improve warehouse efficiency, productivity and safety standards. These include the following:

Stairs allow workers to climb on the side of the pallet rack and retrieve products by hand
Guardrails that prevent products or workers from falling
Mezzanine safety door to ensure that the product is always organized and fixed in place
Various floor options (strip grating, open steel plate, Resindek, etc.)

Advantages of multi-layer racking system
The multi-layer racking system brings many valuable functions and advantages to the desktop, which can help you improve your warehouse and fulfillment center operations.

If you are still skeptical about whether this is a suitable warehouse storage solution for your business, here are just some benefits to consider.

Expand your warehouse without increasing your budget
From employee wages to work-related injury compensation insurance, providing safety training, purchasing materials, etc., operating warehouse facilities are already expensive enough. What happens when you need to expand your business and need higher storage capacity due to product demand growth? You can't just fold under pressure.

Multi-layer pallet racks provide a safe, simple and economical solution that can help you expand the storage space of your existing warehouse. The answer is simply to build upwards.

Building your warehouse storage capacity allows you to store more inventory, while improving your operational efficiency and making it easier for workers to retrieve products as needed.

Double or triple the available storage space
Using modular design and customizable shelving units, you can easily double or triple the warehouse storage space according to the size of the products you need to store.

Each shelf layer can be long or wide according to your needs, with significant load-bearing capacity and strong support beams to ensure the durability of the structure and eliminate the chance of collapse.

Make the warehouse more organized
Multi-layer pallet racks allow you to stack products to the required height to ensure a more orderly and efficient operation. If the box is light enough to be transported by hand, workers can choose from a variety of material handling equipment to retrieve the product.

The front label can easily identify the product, thereby simplifying the order picking process and ensuring that it is shipped on time or as soon as possible.

Features of multi-layer racking system
The following are some useful features of the multi-layer racking system that can help maximize the efficiency of warehouse operations:

Flexible deck options: Choose from a variety of deck options to meet your needs and warehouse aesthetics, including perforated panels, mesh decks, steel frames and MDF decks.
Easy access to stored items: Workers can choose to use material handling equipment or stairs to safely retrieve items of all levels.
Compact storage function: Store small and large items with different weights and capacities as needed without expanding your warehouse area. Use as much vertical space as possible.
Modular design: The modular design of the multi-layer shelf system provides you with unlimited configuration and storage options based on changing storage requirements. You can adjust the level by lowering or raising them as needed.

Which products are suitable for storage on a multi-layer rack system?
Multi-layer shelf systems are most suitable for e-commerce and retail-both industries need to achieve a large amount of product turnover in a short period of time. These products include clothing, kitchenware, toys, and any other items that can usually be purchased online or at in-store retailers. However, they are not suitable for storing flammable items because they cannot be retrieved quickly enough in an emergency.

Guangzhou Heda Shelves Ltd. provides reliable and state-of-the-art multi-layer racking systems that can be customized according to your warehouse requirements. We will install and maintain your racking system for you and teach your workers how to operate it safely. Contact us now to learn more.

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