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How Stacking Storage Works In A Warehouse

What is Stacking Storage in a Warehouse?

Stacking storage is a term in logistics that refers to the backlog and accumulation of materials in the warehouse during storage.

The Benefit of Stacking Storage

With the scarcity of industrial land and the aim to facilitate the management, materials generally are stored in the warehouse. The warehouse will be managed by different stacking methods according to different types of items, so as to improve the efficiency of warehouse management for the maximum use of the storage space.
In addition, stacking storage improves the efficiency of business operations, as it provides the necessary buffer inventory, which can effectively reduce the negative impact of raw material supply and customer demand restrictions on production activities.

The Types of Warehouse Stacking & Storage


Bulk Stacking

Bulk stacking is a method of directly stacking unpackaged bulk cargo into a cargo port. It is suitable for unpackaged bulk goods stored in the open air, such as coal, ore, bulk grain, etc. With the result of packaging cost-saving and the improvement of warehouse capacity utilization, the method is simple and convenient for the application of modern large-scale mechanical equipment.

Block Stacking

Block stacking is generally adopted for packaged goods and bare-piece goods. Common types of block stacking include cascade type, seam-pressing type, crisscross type, ventilation type, column planting type, etc. Go and learn the detail about The Type of Block Stacking. People choose this mode mainly depending on the nature, shape, volume, and packaging of the goods themselves.
Generally, items are laid flat to reduce the center of gravity downward, making the stacking process convenient and the stacking stable. 

Stack Racking System

The items are stored by racks in this mode, and selective racks are the most common stack rack. This method is applicable to the storage of small pieces, high-value, fragile, or vulnerable goods that should not be piled high and needs special storage, such as small articles of daily use, hardware, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Group Stacking

Group stacking can expand the stacking unit of goods by using wood layers, pallets and wire mesh layers. it is based on the principle of dense, stable and multi-loading, and the height of units that store similar goods shall be the same. This method is suitable for semi-mechanized and mechanized operations that ensure the safety of transportation, improve labor efficiency, and reduce cargo damage and shortage.

The Standard of Stacking Storage 

From the comprehensive consideration of site, safety, loading capacity and Pressure-bearing, a suitable stacking standard for a specific warehouse can be obtained.

About Heda

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