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5 Unbelievable Facts About Stacking Racks

Stacking rack is one of the modern warehouse storage equipment. Stacking storage racks are relatively independent and generally stacked together when in use. In many storage applications, stacking racks are suitable for bulk goods, whole goods, and goods convenient for centralized storage. The stack storage rack is usually used for the storage of goods in small and medium-sized warehouses, rental warehouses, cold storage rooms, etc.

Flexible Movement & Free Combination

The stacking rack has not only uniform structural specifications with fixed capacity, good universality but also convenient picking and retrieval, flexible movement, and safety and reliability that can be freely combined according to the site conditions.

Storage Space Saving

The stacking racks can be divided into fixed type and detachable type according to the use occasion. The fixed stacking rack is nondetachable and durable; The detachable stack storage rack is composed of a base and four columns. The base is welded by square tubes. The column material is square tubes or round tubes. When storing the stacking rack, the column can be folded. The folded storage not only saves storage space but also facilitates the management and later use.

Three-dimensional Storage With A Huge Loading Capacity

The stack storage rack can greatly improve the utilization rate of warehouse space in the process of stacking: Goods in the stack storage racks are not overstocked and maximize the use of effective space, as stacking racks can be stacked with each other, which is easy to form three-dimensional storage capacity. They can be stacked up to five layers with a load-bearing of more than 3000kg. When no goods need to be stored in the stacking racks, the racks can be disassembled and stored in a centralized manner, with a small floor area.

High Space Utilization Rate

The stacking stack is perfect to improve the warehouse utilization rate of production enterprises as it can make full use of the limited space, and give full play to its free combination storage function when it is not suitable for the use of conventional fixed racking systems. Combined with mechanized handling equipment, it can be used in all links of the logistics supply chain.

About Heda

Heda Shelves is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and installing all types of warehouse storage racking systems like cantilever racking and pallet rack supported mezzanineshop display shelves and customized display shelves like power tools display rack. We help businesses and warehouses maximize their storage capacity so they can serve more customers, and ultimately increase their profits. Your safety is our priority, which is why we only use high-quality supplies. With more than 20 years in the materials handling and warehouse industry, we’re a leading racking supplier in China.

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