Bespoke Supermarket Display Shelves with Light Box For USA Client

The bespoke display rack with the lightbox below is made from a kind of our supermarket shelves.
This is used for appliances display like Vacuum cleaners.
Some of our clients who operate retail stores like specialty shops or booths in exhibitions will use this wise display way to increase their brand awareness. Custom printing will make a visually appealing option to reach branding. The voltage of the lightbox will be made according to the requirement.
Display Stand to get more styles of custom display racks.


Bespoke Supermarket Shelves Unit with Light Box(1Supermarket Shelves Unit with Light Box

Destination: USA
Style: Single Side Shelf/Wall gondola shelving
Material: Q235 Cold Rolled Steel
Loading Capacity: 120kg/layer
Dimension: W1000*D600*H2170
Color: White
Accessory: Red Price strip include



Bespoke Supermarket Shelves Unit with Light Box(2
Display Rack Data

Layer: 600mm Base Shelf 
            550mm Upper Shelf *2pcs  (Thickness: 0.7mm)
Upright: 40*80*2.0mm(thick)
Punching Backpanel: 400mm height & 0.6mm(thick)
 Bracket Thickness: 2.5mm