Combination Shelving For A Spanish Supermarket

Combination Shelving

Combination shelving is a kind of heavy duty commercial shelving that is widely used in supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores. This shelf combines the advantages of supermarket shelves and warehouse racks that make it can do product display and storage at the same time. In this way, instead of taking items from the warehouse of product storage, the staff of the supermarket can replenish goods at any time by moving them from the top of the combinations shelving.


Supermarket Floor Plan


Supermarket Floor Plan

Area of the place: about 670㎡(29.53*22.72m)

Aisle: 1.80m wide(good enough for two shopping carts to pass away at the same time)

In the middle left half of the supermarket, groups of are set there, which is composed of two end shelves and combination shelves (racking and shelving).


Supermarket shelves of the Combination shelving
Shelf Data

End Shelf(m): 1.20L*0.60D*2.20H

A unit of Combination Shelf(m): 2.45L*0.90D*4.00H (a media duty rack & two supermarket shelves)

Color: Grey

Loading Capacity: 80kg/layer of the supermarket shelf
       (Option)500kg-800kg/layer of the storage rack


Combination Shelf, customized shelving(1                      Combination Shelf, customized shelving(2                                          Metal and wooden shelving, customized shelvingGrey Combination shelf,supermarket shelves(1                        Grey Combination shelf,supermarket shelves(2

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