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Supermarket Shelf Case
Custom Combination Shelves for Papua New Guinea Tool Hardware Store
This display shelving system is customized for a 2-story large retail hardware store. This is a kind of combination of storage racks and supermarket shelves, which is recommended to be used in some medium or large tool hardware store to increase the loading capacity to display some large heavy products.
The frame of storage racks combined with pegboard back panels, shelves and store display accessories make the shelving units multifunctional and meet the requirement to display a variety of products.
The industrial style of the combination display shelves is suitable for the material display environment and makes the store more professional.

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Custom Combination Shelves for Papua New Guinea Tool Hardware Store(1     Storage Rack for Construction Material


Custom Combination Shelves for Papua New Guinea Tool Hardware Store(2

Custom Display Shelving Unit for Building Materials


Destination: Papua New Guinea

Product: Construction Materials and household products

Surface Treatment: powder-coated

Main Color: red, blue and white




Store Fixtures Basket, Custom Combination Shelves for Papua New Guinea Tool Hardware Store(3

Type of Custom Combination Shelf


Single Side Display Shelf: 3250H*2400L*620D

Double Side Display Shelf: 2450H*2400L*1180D

Single Side End Cap: 3250H*1200L*320D

Storage Rack: 4800H*2600L*838D
(Loading Capacity: 2000kg per level)




Custom Combination Shelves for Papua New Guinea Tool Hardware Store(2
Parts of Custom Combination Shelf for Construction Material

1. Upright frame
2. L type upright (between two pegboard panels of single side shelf)
3. T type upright (used in double shelf)
4. Top wire mesh layer: 500kg loading capacity
5. Top step beam: 600kg loading capacity
6. Beam: 500kg loading capacity
7. Upper shelf with brackets: 100kg loading capacity (a kind of supermarket shelves)
8. Steel base layer: 500kg loading capacity
9. Pegboard back panel


Bespoke advertising panels in the side of single shelving unit starters make the store look great and make it a way of brand promotion.
Some store accessories match support bars equipped on the uprights can achieve a better loading capacity.


Custom printing for branding     store accessories retainer bar shovel holder retail store fixture

bar with bracket retail store fixtures store accessories rug display fixtures     spool rolls store accessories retail display store parts product display

long tube divider retainer bar retail store fixtures     store accessories custom display fixtures slatwall panel

Custom store fixtures to display special merchandise, like taps, wallpapers, timbers, and Ironing boards.

custom hook for hardware accessories for taps store accessories     bespoke accessories for shower hardware accessories tool display

shovel holder product display retail store fixture for hardware store     top wire mash layer storage rack layer red grid panel basket

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