Drive In Pallet Rack Case For the Portuguese Customer

Drive-in Pallet Rack

Drive-in pallet rack is one of the high-density racking systems in warehouse storage solutions. With the use of forklifts, the loading capacity of the system is 1.5t-2t per pallet.

In the drive-in pallet racking system, upright frames are connected with each other by guide rails, and pallets with goods are stored on the rails. Row spacer, top crossbar, back crossbar, and up beams are used as the support of the drive-in rack. Forklifts can directly drive into the cargo lane to access the goods. This storage system uses LIFO inventory management: the goods first stored on the drive-in racks will be transported out at last.

warehouse floor plan for drive in rack system

Warehouse Floor Plan

Location: Portugal
Storage Layer: 2


Drive In Racking System Dimensions


Racking System Dimensions

Size of the drive in rack: W1400*D1300*H4800mm

Rail: 1 layer
Pallet Size: 1200*1200mm
The amount of the positions for pallets: 280
Aisle for transportation: 14 channels

Loading Capacity: 1200kg (Ground Floor), 300kg(The upper layer)

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