Four Side Display Shelving On Wheels For Sample Check

4 side display shelving is a kind of retail store fixture that is usually placed in the center or near the checkout counter of supermarkets, department stores, groceries and more. It can be up to 50 kg/layer and provide a product display in full view. By the wheels, The 4-way display shelving can be moved easily to everywhere.


four side display shelving, four way display shelving, 4 way gondolaDimension of 4 Side Display Shelving

Post Frame: H1102*L385
Pegboard: To fit all type of hooks
Layer: L365*W250
Bracket: 250 wide with two teeth for three ways to hang 
Base: L700*W700*H100 on 4 lockable wheels

Top Cover: L169*W169
Post Cover: 30*60 for good looking
Color: Grey (Could be customized)

4 Side Display Shelving, 4 way gondola shelving              4 Side Display Shelving,4 way gondola

              4 way white Display Shelving, 4 side white display shelving