Heavy Duty Pallet Rack With a Loading Capacity of 1200kg

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack, also selective rack, is a kind of storage system used widely in warehouses, factories, logistics centers. It uses FIFO inventory management, the forklift can reach each part of the heavy rack.
From food to construction materials, selective storage racks can meet the storage requirement of a large range of
SKUs(Stock Keeping Units). They can be used as a part of the warehouse storage system, as well as display shelving to combine storage and display into one.

Heda Customized Pallet Rack

The specification of Heda's pallet rack could be customized as needed. According to the loading capacity,  pallet racks are divided into light-duty type (Below 300 kg), medium-duty type (300-800kg), and heavy-duty type (above 800kg).
Usually, our engineers will design the pallet racks according to 
the loading our clients need, the size of the storage space (If the height of the storage place is above 4.5m, additional storage space can be created by the construction of a mezzanine floor), and the types of items they store. 


Honduran Warehouse Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Location: Honduras

Area of the place: 1329.65㎡ (65.50m*20.30m)

The width of the aisle: about 2m



Heavy duty rack dimension

Pallet Rack Data

Loading Capacity: 2000kg/layer (5 layers)
Dimension(mm): W2700*D1000*H6000

Post frame(mm): D1000*6000 (Post: 90*70*1.8mm)
Box Beam(mm): 140*45*1.5mm
Support Bar: 1000L*50*30*1.3mm (8 pieces for each layer)

Color: Blue & Orange
Storage products: Hardware Tools & Household Products





About Heda

Heda Shelves is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and installing all types of warehouse storage racking systems like cantilever racking and pallet rack supported mezzanineshop display shelves and customized display shelves like power tools display rack. We help businesses and warehouses maximize their storage capacity so they can serve more customers, and ultimately increase their profits. Your safety is our priority, which is why we only use high-quality supplies. With more than 20 years in the materials handling and warehouse industry, we’re a leading racking supplier in China.