Single and Double Sided Tool Hardware Display Fixture for Maldives Client

Metal store fixtures are a kind of permanent display that is built to last longer. They have a high loading capacity to display some heavy hardware and tools. The appearance can be changed by using different types of back panels to create totally different display plans. Pegboard, slatwall and flat back panels are available in Heda Shelves design. Slots in the side upright make the distance between the shelves adjustable.

By powder-coated in your brand colors, tool and hardware display racks could be one of the most easier and effective ways to make a deep impression on your customers and achieve brand promotion.

Floor Display Racks for more tool and hardware display stand cases.


Tool and Hardware store fixture,tool store floor plan, hardware store floor plan

Floor Plan of Tool Hardware Store

Location: Maldives
Area of the place: About 114.5(15m*7.6m)
The width of the aisle: About 0.8m


A. Double-Sided display gondola unit
B. Single Display rack
C. Storage rack for heavy tool display
D. Checkout counter


Double Sided display gondola unit, Storage rack for heavy tool display, pool tool display,Island Gondola



A. Island Gondola: L800*W800*H1400
B. Wall Display Stand: L900*W400*H2200
C. Wall Storage Rack: L2060*W400*H2200
D. Checkout counter: L1200*W1100*850

Color: Black and Blue



Wall Storage Rack, hardware display, tool display, wall display stand,pegboard



Advantage Board: on the top of the island gondola unit
Pegboard Panel: Available for all types of hooks or baskets hanging by holes
Customized Bottom Part: Storage Compartment with Divider for specific merchandise or used as product replenishment case