Warehouse Mezzanine System For Toy Supplier

Mezzanine rack is a kind of warehouse storage system that is usually used when the space is limited. It's the ideal way to save your rent cost and make good use of your air space.
This project is designed for three warehouses of a game and toy supplier based in the United Kingdom.
Heda Shelves’ 
engineer offered the proposal according to the sites and made a 3d drawing for confirmation. Below are floor plans, 3D drafting and the finished mezzanine systems.


mezzanine system,mezzanine rack design,racking design,3d design racking,racking floor planFloor Plan and 3D Design for the Mezzanine System

Destination: the United Kingdom
Loading Capacity of Rack: 500kg/layer
Area: 220㎡(No.1), 128㎡(No.2), 210㎡(No.3)
Color: Black posts, green beams and ladders

Accessory: 1 ladder each attached


mezzanine system,mezzanine rack design,racking design,3d design racking(2

 Two of the systems designed a platform on the top supported by the conventional racks. Products ready for sorting may be put on these two platforms.

And in the third mezzanine system, seven groups of selective racks are divided into two parts by metal decking for easier manual daily operation.

mezzanine racking,mezzanine platform, mezzanine system(1                mezzanine racking,mezzanine platform, mezzanine system(2

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