Guide You On How to Use Cantilever Racks

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-05-14 15:01:59
Guide You On How to Use Cantilever Racks 

Cantilever racks are one of the fastest growing parts of all material treatments, and since 1990, diversified rack have provided a shelving solution. Cantilever racks (also known as industrial pipe racks or wood racks) are the unique solution to a very pervasive storage problem.

Manufacturers often find that their products are rectangular and bulky and need to be stored safely, but there is no real way to prevent them from getting in the way and taking up space.

If this is your headache, a cantilever rack is the excellent solution.

Cantilever racks allow easy storage of long and heavy items such as wood, water pipes, bars, plywood, iron pipes, steel pipes, or any other irregularity material that are too long or unwieldy in shape.
You can purchase cantilever racks in both single or double sided configurations - the only difference is the number of sides open and available for storage.
Single-sided racking can only be used on one side, while double-sided units store materials on the front and back.

Hedas cantilever racks are modular based on each capacity series (medium duty, heavy duty or extra heavy duty), so additional arms, bracing and columns may need to be added to the existing rack system. Different sizes of arms can be interchanged on the rack to customize your system for a variety of different USES.

Features of Cantilever Racks

•Immediate accessibility to individual parts or full loads
•Quick and easy handling of heavy stock
•Provide an orderly inventory system
•Allows the storage of pipes, rebar, structural materials and other heavy objects that must be lifted from the ground
•The base can be used for storage without reducing the capacity of the column.
•Forklifts are easy to load and unload.
•Easy extension with additional arm, column, and bracing to provide additional add-on units to your existing racking units.