How To Choose Pallet Racking-The Ultimate Guide

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Update time : 2021-06-03 19:04:31
How to choose Pallet Racking--The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to Pallet Racking. So if you are wondering how to get the most out of your facility's space, you're in the right place.
In this article, you'll know:
What pallet racking is
How to choose and design a pallet racking system to fit your refinements
How much does pallet racking cost
The best practices for pallet racking safety
How to prevent damage to your pallet racking

Whats pallet racking?
Selective pallet racking is designed to store pallets in a mechanical and functional way using forklifts. These forklifts access goods through aisles parallel to the racks.
The selective pallet is a logistical solution that can be adapted to the dimensions of the unit loads and the forklifts. Efficient, resistant, easy-to-assemble, and with simple load level regulation, this system adapts to any type of product, both by weight and volume. This is an efficient and robust system for heavy loads.


How to choose and design a pallet racking system to fit your warehouse?
When designing the pallet racking system, the goal is to increase utilization of the warehouse while allowing enough room to faster and easily store & pick up the goods.
How to design it?
Measure your warehouse:  it will help you be clear on how much square footage you have for your place.

Mark any obstacles: Obstacles included doors, columns, fire engine access, ceiling lamp, and anything which need to consider for safety and reasonable arrangement.


Arrange the best location for your products: quick-moving products should be placed near to door or aisle which could take less time to retrieve them.

Identify the size and weight of your pallets: as the measurements will show you how height/width/weight of the racking you need to store your goods. Like the loading capacity per layer, frame/beam size, how many layers, etc.

Check forklift turning radius: it will depends on the side between each aisle. So you could maximize your available storage space


How much does pallet racking cost
One of the most concerned points by buyers is when you purchase pallet racking. The cost comes with current material cost, superior quality, long lifetime, good service, reasonable consideration design, etc.
Here is one example for your reference: G+3 layer, 1 ton per layer( final price will be subject to your details)
Main rack $200-300
Add on rack $150-250
Pls feel free to contact us for a details quotation with your details

The safety thing you should know for pallet racking:
Dont overload your rack. Pallet rack loads aren’t just simple weight versus structure. The dimensions, shape, and size/density of the load as it sits on storage racks is absolutely critical to safe, effective warehouse storage.
To avoid incorrect or unsafe rack loading, it’s important to consider not only the weight, but also what type of load will be loading on, how it sits, and how that might affect the load-bearing.
How to prevent damage to your pallet racking
Most racking damage is caused by incorrect operation, overloading, or incidents with forklifts.
We should use a protector and crash barrier to protect our upright from a forklift, It also requests the forklift operator with high skill during operation.


Meanwhile, all forklift operators should be trained more to ensure safety. Whats more, inspect storage racks regularly.

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