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How to select warehouse racking

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Heavy Duty Rack, also known as Seletive Pallet Rack, which is the most common racks form in various storage rack systems. The structure is simple and effective. It is suitable for all kinds of warehouses with heavy load.

2 medium duty rack, a kind of storage shelf, shelf shelf type. It is distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelf. Generally, the shelf load is 150kg / - 500kg layers (the shelf load is mostly calculated based on the bearing capacity of layers). It is suitable for placing light goods in various e-commerce warehouses or workshops.

Mezaanine floor/rack is a kind of simple shelf which makes full use of the upper space of warehouse. Build a middle Mezaanine floor on the existing rack or workplace to increase the storage area. Generally, light foam, small and medium-sized goods or goods with long storage period can be placed on the attic floor. Forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform can be used to lift goods. Loft generally uses light car or pallet traction car operation.

Cantilever shelf is mainly composed of column piece, cantilever beam, connecting rod and so on. It is characterized by light cantilever structure and strong gravity. It can greatly improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of the warehouse for storing irregular or long rod materials. The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, which is suitable for pipe materials.

Changshu Mingzhu shelf factory, as an enterprise focusing on storage shelf production for 20 years, has a professional team, selects national standard high-quality steel, cooperates with assembly line operation and experienced production staff, and creates high-quality, anti-corrosion and anti rust shelf with longer service life through surface treatment processes such as grinding, shot blasting, derusting, degreasing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, etc. Our customers are all over all walks of life, if you want to consult storage shelves, you can contact us at any time.
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