Impact of steel market fluctuations on the shelf industry

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Author : LEE
Update time : 2021-05-19 14:13:10
HEDA has been committed to research, development, production and sales of storage shelves and display racks. Most of our shelves are mainly made of steel, so the fluctuation of the steel market has a direct impact on our Heda shelves.

Recently, the state has formulated a large number of relevant policies for the reduction of steel production capacity, which has also had an immediate effect on the price of the steel market. Due to market fluctuations, we have made certain adjustments to shelf prices immediately, and now we will make a corresponding analysis of the common price problems of related customers.

First of all, on our strong shelves, all raw materials are steel, and fluctuations in the steel market have a greater impact on production costs. Therefore, during the fluctuating period of steel, the validity period of the quotation of storage shelves is generally 5 days. Different quantities are treated differently. Generally, we do not make adjustments for small-batch inquiries made by general customers, so as to sacrifice a certain profit to maintain a relatively stable purchase cost for customers. But for large inquiries, we will explain to customers the actual situation of the current increase in steel, give a sufficient reason for the increase, and provide relevant data. It should be noted that once the steel material enters the upward period, during the validity period of our quotation, we will not frequently revise the quotation due to the increase of steel material to ensure that the price remains unchanged from the time the customer receives the quotation to the time it is submitted for review.

Secondly, the rise in steel has the same impact on general supermarket shelves as on storage. However, we have supermarket shelves of commonly used sizes for stocking and stocking products. The cost is stable. We will not increase prices because of the increase in steel materials, and we will fully transfer the profits to customers and give consumers the increased profits of materials obtained from our stocking.

The rise in steel has a relatively small impact on our boutique display racks because, in our boutique display racks, the proportion of steel is not large. Second, high-quality display racks have many processing procedures and involve many raw materials. In addition to steel, there are wood panels, acrylic, lamps, etc..

Steel has been at a low price until this year. With the reduction of production capacity, it will be a matter of time for people to go to the upward channel. Therefore, if the customer has a shelf demand plan in the near future, buy it earlier, which will relatively reduce the purchase cost.