Cantilever Storage Rack For Metal Sheets

Item No.: CR-021
Cantilever rack for metal sheets is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods and can be customized for your storage plan.

Cantilever Storage Rack For Metal Sheet

Cantilever rack for metal sheets is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods and can be customized for your storage plan. 

According to the bearing capacity and actual storage requirements of warehouse operators, three types are provided: light duty cantilever rack, medium duty heavy cantilever rack and heavy duty cantilever rack. The loading capacity is 100kg-1000kg per arm. 
According to the structural form, it has single-sided cantilever storage racks and double-sided cantilever storage racks. The length of the cantilever of (light/heavy/)medium duty cantilever rack can be freely combined according to the site conditions, but the length shall not exceed 1.5m.
Cantilever rack for sheet metal is known for their stable structure, good loading capacity, and high space utilization, the items stored can be picked and retrieved by forklifts or manual operation.


Usage of Cantilever Storage Rack For Metal Sheet

Cantilever racks for metal sheets are suitable for many types of goods. Long materials (generally more than 4m long) include aluminum profiles and square pipes, which are relatively long materials. If they are directly stacked on the ground, it will not only be difficult to pick up the goods but also cause certain potential safety hazards. There are also roll materials like wires and cables, plastic rolls, etc. Can, in the form of a roll, be directly hung on the cantilever of the (light/heavy/)medium duty cantilever rack, and stored directly by forklift.


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