Convenience Store Shelves with Local Characteristics

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The layout of convenience store shelves has a large impact on customers' sopping experience because of the limited space. A shelf layout with local characteristics will surprise customers and leave them a profound expression.

Convenience Store Shelves with Local Characteristics

The layout of convenience store shelves has a large impact on customers' sopping experience because of the limited space. A shelf layout with local characteristics will surprise customers and leave them a profound expression. a reasonable layout of shop storage shelves like island shelves will stimulate their desire to buy and boost sales.


How do Convenience Store Shelves with Local Characteristics bring a good shopping experience?

1. Set convenience store shelves based on reasonable ventilation and lighting

The space of the convenience store is generally small. If ventilation and lighting are not taken into consideration, it is easy to bring a bad store experience, like many goods can't be seen, peculiar smell pervades the store, the goods deteriorate in advance. Hence, the shelf layout must be reasonable according to the location of the store and the angle of sunshine. For example, island shelves of the convenience store, which occupies a large area, should be placed in the central area. Besides, large goods should not be placed near the lighting. If the store can have normal ventilation and the lighting system can illuminate every important position, a good shopping experience will be brought to customers.

2. Placement of commodities with local characteristics

Now convenience stores not only meet the shopping needs of daily necessities but also add many local characteristic commodities specially prepared for customers from different places. These commodities should be placed in a striking place to attract customers and stimulate their desire to buy.

3. Convenience store shelves need to be adjusted according to different seasons

The goods in convenience stores should be placed in different ways according to the season. Through the seasonal adjustment of the shelf layout, different goods are displayed to customers in different seasons and bring a unique shopping experience, so as to leave a profound impact on customers and accumulate a fixed customer group.

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