Factory High Quality Pipe or Lumber Warehouse Storage Cantilever Racking Systemlong bulky storage cantilever rack for furniture, lumber, tubing, textiles

Item No.: HEDA38
Cantilever Racking offers a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of long and heavy products. An open-fronted system allows storing infinite and varying length items.

Perfect racking solution for bulky storage goods

Cantilever racks are highly load-bearing storage systems intended for storage of long and/or bulky storage materials. Such goods include, for example timber, wooden boards, metal sheets, sections, beams or steel elements, building materials but also scrap cars and all kinds of heavy loads.

Cantilever racking by HEDA is distinguished from standard racks using solid steel sections for all load-bearing elements. Thanks to this slim construction of our racks a high storage capacity can be achieved across a small floor space.
All cantilever racks are produced individually according to customer requirements; they are equipped with a high-quality powder coat or hot-dip galvanised for outdoor storage. HEDA cantilever racks are available in different variants ranging from small racks for light loads to complete rack clad buildings, where the rack uprights simultaneously function as the load bearing structure for the roof and walls. Versatile accessories, such as beams for continuous storage surfaces without cumbersome intermediate supports or inclined arms for storage and retrieval using cranes are part of the company’ standard services. Additional services, such as racking assembly, statics calculations or preparation of drawings complete the range of services.


HEDA cantilever racking – your benefits

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
  • High-quality powder coating
  • In outdoor applications also incl. roof, back wall and rain gutter
  • Hot-dip galvanised design for outdoor storage

HEDA Cantilever Racking offers a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of long and heavy products. An open-fronted system allows storing infinite and varying length items.

our Cantilever Rack System uprights and bases are constructed from hot-rolled structural steel sections, which make them very robust and able to withstand the rigours of the most arduous industrial environments.


  • Arms lengths and capacities to suit your requirements
  • Rack heights up to 10m to carry up to 30 tonnes
  • Various arm section material profiles 
  • Vertically adjustable arms on a standard pitch of 150mm (others available on request)
  • Painted any colour, or hot-dipped galvanised finish for external applications


  • Single or double sided
  • Canopies for external storage
  • Rack Clad Buildings
  • Removable retaining pins or welded end stops
  • Arm end ties (left to right supports)
  • Tyre guards
  • Steel or timber decks
  • Head guards
  • Plastic arm protection to protect the product from corrosion or damage.


  • All products comply with current British and CE marking standards
  • Minimum Safety Factor of 2.5 based on ultimate tensile strength
  • Arm deflection limited to 1/180th of length
  • Upright deflection limited to 1/120th of height or 50mm, whichever is less
  • Maximum allowable weld stress of 115N/mm2


  • Aluminium sheet and plate
  • Heavy pipes or tubes
  • Timber packs
  • Scrap vehicles
  • Panels
  • Steel sections
  • Raw materials
  • Extrusion
  • Worktops & laminates
  •  Concrete & sheet lintels


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