Hand Truck

Item No.: WE-A03
A steel platform truck is an industrial truck with a large platform for transporting and storing goods.
If you watch HGTV you know that industrial platform truck carts have become chic and are even used in interior decorating but make no mistake, they are the workhorse of the warehouse!

A steel platform truck is an industrial truck with a large platform for transporting and storing goods. It has a deck made of wood, plastic or steel with an integral handle and casters. They’re ideal for moving products around a manufacturing facility, warehouse or distributions center. In warehouse system, this is the most important methods for storrage and transportion in Mezzanine rack system.


The steel platform truck is a material handling product. They maximize storage space while increasing handling efficiency. This cart will allow you to organize storage of material. These industrial carts have high quality casters and are easy to move and handle well on shop floors and in aisle ways.

The platform truck is a great alternative to moving materials by hand or with a forklift. They’re lightweight enough to easily maneuver but also heavy duty and long lasting. Using a platform truck can be a huge time-saver.

Another nice thing about the platform cart is that it can also be used for storage when not in use. Frequently used items can be stored and transported easily without involving lots of other equipment. Because you can limit the amount of equipment, you help to improve warehouse safety.


Unlike forklifts, you can use this outside of your building too. This would be great for unloading small loads or supplies. It’s so easy to use – you’ll be using find dozens of uses for this throughout your building!

Our quality is the best in the industry. The factory utilizes the most state of the art manufacturing equipment including multiple automated weld machine to help insure high quality welds. Our steel platform trucks come standard with a high quality, attractive, durable powder coat paint finish.

Platform Truck Cart Advantages:

Increase productivity by saves steps. The large platform carries a big load.
Ergonomics: Reduces injuries. Saves wear and tear on your back.
Great for order picking, order fulfillment, stocking, shipping and receiving applications
Portable platform trucks keep materials close to work areas.
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