Retail Display Shelves For Shop Mineral Water Display

Item No.: S-50
The layout of retail display shelves for shop is the main content of the layout of the business hall. The channel composed of goods structure determines the flow direction of customers.

Retail Display Shelves For Shop Mineral Water Display

The layout of Retail Display Shelves For Shop is the main content of the layout of the business hall. The channel composed of goods structure determines the flow direction of customers. No matter the layout method of the vertical cross, diagonal cross, radial, free circulation, or direct, it should reserve certain flexibility for the change of business contents. In order to adjust the form of shelf layout as needed. Therefore, all kinds of shelves in modern comprehensive shopping malls are in the form of combination, and only some franchised stores use a small amount of fixed form.

The distance between Retail Display Shelves For Shop should ensure a smooth customer flow. It is not a problem for small stores to set up shelves against the store door and stick to the wall. For large food stores, department stores and clothing stores, it is necessary to calculate a reasonable distance according to the volume of customer flow and operating varieties formed by the size of the store. Generally speaking, the main channel should be between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, and the secondary channel should not be less than 1.2 ~ 2 meters.

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