Medium duty rack

Item No.: MDR-01
Multi-Level Light Duty Shelving is A sturdy and robust storage system, designed for abuse in high-traffic environment. Thousands of units in use now in cold, dry and outdoor storage in GCC countries.
Medium duty rack
Medium Duty Rack is assembled by column, laminate, side hanging, straight hanging and plug. The laminate (steel laminate) can be adjusted arbitrarily in the middle to meet a variety of service requirements. The maximum load capacity is 300-1000 kg/ layer. It has the characteristics of low cost, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and disassembly, etc. Suitable for warehouse, supermarket, library, hospital and other different areas.

Advantages of Medium Duty Rack:
1.Medium Duty Rack has beautiful appearance, easy assembly, steel lamellar plate with 50 mm spacing can be adjusted up and down. Multiple sets of light shelves can be connected to increase the overall stability of the shelves.
2. The top and bottom laminates are connected with the column by Angle code and bolt, which is safe and stable. The middle laminates are connected with the laminates by special latches, which is simple and convenient, and can be adjusted arbitrarily.
3.Medium Duty Rack surface treatment using surface rust removal, oil removal, into the electrostatic powder spray treatment, can be according to the customer specified color spray. It has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy oxidation and easy cleaning.

Medium duty rack

medium duty racking system

Warehouse rack


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