Pallet shuttle

Item No.: SRS-A10
Pallet shuttle is an ideal solution for each item with high capacity pallets and intensive loading and unloading activities. The radio shuttle pallet rack is a compact storage system.
Pallet shuttle
Pallet shuttle is an ideal solution for each item with high capacity pallets and intensive loading and unloading activities. The radio shuttle pallet rack is a compact storage system. The shuttle rack uses commands sent by the Wi-Fi connected tablet operator to place the load in the first free position in the aisle and compress the tray as much as possible. By eliminating the need to drive the forklift into the driveway, the depth of storage capacity can be increased, the risk of accidents and rack damage can be neglected, the movement of the operator is optimized, and the warehouse operation is more modern and flexible. The system is easy to use and easy to maintain. A tablet computer can control up to 18 space shuttles. The shuttle can store the number of stock pallets in one channel.
The result of the aforementioned benefits of saving money, coupled with energy consumption, is a reduction in cost, making pallet shuttles one of the most cost-effective compact storage systems.

Advantages of the Pallet shuttle
1. Technical application at maximum operating speed
2. Save a space
3. Increase tray depth: storage channels can exceed 40 meters. The height limit depends on the processing method used.
4. The system has minimal clearance between operating levels, which allows for high density storage.
5. To save time
6. Loading and unloading times are reduced because operators do not need to work in the lane.
7. The shuttle moves at 90 m/min when empty and 45 m/min when loaded.
8. The loading and unloading cycle is only 2 seconds.
9. By using sensors, the shuttle can locate cargo intelligently, eliminating empty space in storage channels. Thus, the effective capacity of a warehouse (which takes into account the flow of goods into and out of the warehouse) reflects its actual capacity.
10. With a single command, the shuttle can fill or empty an entire runway.
11. Increased productivity
12. Increased the flow of goods into and out of the warehouse.

Pallet shuttle     Pallet shuttle racking system



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