Steel Warehouse steel rack heavy duty adjustable drive in pallet racking system

Item No.: HEDA05
Whilst both systems are a cost-effective solution to the requirement of high density storage which maximizes warehouse space considerably and effectively.

Whilst both systems are a cost-effective solution to the requirement of high density storage which maximises warehouse space considerably and effectively, there are some differences between the two which would need to be considered when deciding on the best system to suit your particular warehouse operations.

Drive-in pallet racking – gives access to just one side of the aisle, so it operates on a first in, last out (FILO) basis. This would work well where stock rotation wasn’t a priority.

Drive-through pallet racking – gives access to both aisles, so you can use a first in, first out (FIFO) stock rotation system which is ideal for perishable products.


Drive-in and drive-through racking is designed to provide optimal use of space by allowing pallets to be stored across multiple rows and on multiple levels within the compact structure. The pallets are stored in a systemised bottom to top, back to front sequence and to achieve this, the fork lift truck will enter the lanes to reach the furthest point. Drive-in pallet racking uses the same aisle for loading and picking whereas drive through will have a fork lift truck loading on one side and another retrieving on the other side, which works well if stock rotation is required.


Who Uses Drive-In Pallet Racking?

This system works well in many storage facilities, including cold storage environments such as frozen or refrigerated warehouses, as it is highly compact there is less empty space to keep cold therefore it helps in lowering running costs.

It is also good for seasonal or pressure sensitive goods as the pallets can be kept deep in the racks for a long period of time until needed, so its well suited to low turnover products with a high number of pallets per SKU. If goods are fragile and delicate the system provides high density storage keeping the safe from potential damage.


Drive-in or drive-through racking is just one of many compact pallet racking systems to choose from so to ensure you make the right choice

Drive-in or drive-through racking is ideal if you’re looking for a very economical, bulk storage system for like-products. Both systems will optimise available space in terms of height and area by storing pallets back-to-back and floor-to-ceiling. Along with support provided for each pallet, there are continual rails running the depth of the system to assist the pallet into position and retrieve from position.

Some featured Drive in Racking projects



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