Warehouse Drive In Metal Pallet Storage Racking System For Irregular Products

Item No.: HEDA04
These drive-in racks excel in carrying capacity and collision resistance. Because however skilled your forklift operators are, you cannot rule out the possibility of collisions with racks.

The main components and accessories of compact drive in pallet racking system

Upper longitudinal beam

The upper longitudinal beam joins the frames in the upper area crosswise, to secure the structure by creating gantries. The beams must be placed in all the compact racking aisles.

Horizontal brace

The horizontal brace is a metal component that reinforces the compact structure and is located at the top.


The frame is one of the basic elements of compact drive in racking. These frames consist of 2 uprights, their corresponding diagonals, baseplates, and fixing elements.

Forklift guide rail

This is a steel rail at floor level that runs along the whole aisle. Its objective is to guide the forklift when it enters the structure and protect it against possible impacts. It helps to separate the forklift from the drive in compact racking.

Frame and upright protection

The frame and upright protectors protect the installation from possible damage due to impacts by the forklift.

Welded baseplate

The welded baseplate is an especially designed component for frames with the highest load and height.


The upright is the main element of the frame and is galvanized. The customer has available to them a wide variety of upright sections and lengths to adapt to their warehouse needs.

Pallet guidance

It is situated at the front of the pallet beam or pallet support rail and helps operators when depositing the unit loads. It also protects the structure against potential impacts.

Pallet beam or support rail

These are the horizontal profiles on which the pallets on each level of the Drive in racking system are supported. They are metal and are perpendicularly secured to the upright by means of the brackets.


Brackets are the metal components that support the support rails or pallet beams on each level, and therefore indirectly support the pallets. This component is secured to the upright.

Pallet backstop

Pallet backstops are preventive safety backstops and their main function is to prevent the pallet from falling at the back of the aisle due to any inappropriate maneuver.

Benefits of HEDA compact drive-in racks

  • Compact flexible storage with maximum collision resistance

  • Extra high-quality steel, which makes heights exceeding 12 meters possible

  • The beams are among the strongest in the business

  • Suitable for first in first out (FIFO) or (drive through) last in, first out (LIFO)

  • Various forms of protection to prevent collision damage

  • Future-proof with high residual value

  • Can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelving units

  • Available in all RAL colors


Some features of compact drive in racking projects

How to install drive-in racks






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