Display Vegetable Storage Rack for Shop

Item No.: S-58
If a customer goes to the supermarket and sees a Display Vegetable Storage Rack with all the vegetables and fruits neatly placed on a clean table, you'll want to buy it.

Display Vegetable Storage Rack for Shop

If a customer goes to the supermarket and sees a Display Vegetable Storage Rack with all the vegetables and fruits neatly placed on a clean table, you'll want to buy it. So it is conceivable that a clean and tidy table is very important to promote consumption.

How do you keep a Display Vegetable Storage Rack

1. Dip a soft cloth in water or dish detergent, gently scrub the fruit rack, and then dip it in water to wipe the detergent away.
2. Cut off the power supply before cleaning the tank, and take out the food in the refrigerator.
3. It is best to clean the shell of the refrigerator every day. Wipe the shell and handle of the refrigerator of vegetable rack with a slightly wet and soft cloth every day.
4. Remove the accessories in the box and clean them with water or detergent.
5. When cleaning the "switch", "lighting" and "temperature controller" of the refrigerator, please wring the rag or sponge dry.
6. After cleaning the inner wall, use a soft cloth dipped in glycerin to wipe the inner wall of the refrigerator, and it will be easier to wipe the next time.
7. Clean and wipe the seal strip with an alcohol-soaked cloth. If there is no alcohol at hand, wipe the seal with 1:1 vinegar water to disinfect the seal effectively.




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