Onion Potato Display Storage Rack

Item No.: S-59
It is also possible that the fruits and vegetables in the inmost part are just for display. The fruits and vegetables are displayed in multiple points and multiple lines in order to enrich the display effect.

Onion potato display storage rack

The length of most shelves is 60-70cm, which is usually the longest distance that people can reach horizontally. Accordingly, if the width of a fruit and vegetable rack is more than 70cm,  fruits and vegetables placed deep on the shelf will not be reached easily. However, you don't have to be confused about shelves longer than the average in lots of big stores and hypermarkets. Product display is one of the important functions of shelves. The fruits and vegetables are displayed in the highest position in order to catch customers' attention. Therefore, the width of the single-sided vegetable rack should be controlled within 80 cm as far as possible to facilitate customers' selection of fruits and vegetables, and commodity display at the same time.

Proper storage of fruits and vegetables can ensure freshness

1 garlic can be wrapped in the leaves of fresh Chinese cabbage, put in the shade, do not touch water, and can keep fresh for several days.
2. Tomatoes should be placed head down separately, do not overlap, because the overlapping part is easy to rot.
3. Store potatoes with apples in a cool place. Apples release ethylene gas, which ages other fruits and vegetables, inhibiting potato germination.
4. Remove the soil when taro is preserved. Dry the taro and wrap it in a dry newspaper, then place it in a cool and ventilated place.
5. When cucumber, pepper and lettuce are preserved, they can be put into plastic bags, tied tightly at the mouth of the bag and placed in a cool and dry place. Generally, they can keep fresh for about 10 days.
6. Old ginger does not work well in cold storage because it is fibrotic and easily loses water. Can be placed in damp but not wet in the sand preservation.
7. Wash off the soil when the fresh lotus root is preserved, put it in a basin, add water, soak the lotus root, and change the cold water once a day or two.

Onion Potato Display Storage Rack(1     Onion Potato Display Storage Rack(2

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