Warehouse Storage Floor Mezzanine Rack System

Item No.: HD-MR-001
The mezzanine storage rack system allows you to make full use of the height of the storage facility and make full use of your use area.


Warehouse Storage Floor Mezzanine Rack System

The mezzanine is a movable platform that can be used to optimize industrial, warehouse and warehouse space. They increase the usable height of the space because they can be divided into two or more floors.

The suitalbe of Mezzanine Rack System

Suitable for storing materials or increasing the working environment and safety structure, the produced loft Heda shelf is made of different parts of the configuration file structural steel, the standard size is based on the dimensional characteristics and the respective load, according to the current standards and standard good practices, convenient to use and increase them Security.

Warehouse Storage Floor Mezzanine Rack System
1.Improve storage height and space utilization;
2.Various goods can be automatically entered and exited manually;
3.Divide by 2-3 floors, as usual, you can carry 300-1000 kg/㎡;
4.The first layer of the mezzanine has the heaviest cargo, each beam can carry a total of 500 kg, combined with a trolley or manual hydraulic trolley. The cargo on the second and third floors is generally 300 kg per beam and combined with a trolley;
5.Transport machinery: lifting platform, hoist, conveyor or forklift;
6.Additional facilities for cargo passage: foolproof, electrical lighting, fire prevention, etc.;
7.Easy installation: with professional installation instructions, Jracking has a professional installation team.

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