Wire Decking

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We can design pallet racking wire decking for almost any pallet rack system.
We can design pallet racking wire decking for almost any pallet rack system. Please call us at 0086-1311-956-9934(whatsapp/wechat) or email sales11@hedarack.com. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and find a wire mesh deck size and style that fits your needs.

We stock wire decking for pallet racking in different sizes and multiple styles. The most popular style is wire decking with step beam. We also stock wire decking with flared channel supports for a more universal fit. Wire decking with flared style channel supports will fit step beams, box beams and structural channel beams – almost any beam. 

Wire decking can totally transform your pallet racking system! The pallet rack is already a diverse system, but wire decking can give you even more flexibility in your storage options. If you’ve been looking for a way to transform your storage system without breaking the bank, wire decking could be a great option for you!

The greatest advantage to wire decking for pallet racks is that it offers you a tremendous amount of flexibility and versatility in what you can store on your racks. With warehouse wire decking, you can store everything from boxes, to bins to full pallet loads. In fact, wire decking for pallet racks can be designed to support almost any load, except for point load applications. Wire decking for pallet racks get the majority of its capacity from its channel supports. Therefore loads must be evenly distributed over support bars.

Warehouse wire decking makes it easy to store full pallet loads, bins, boxes and more. The design of the wire decking allows you to store a variety of inventory safely and all in the same place. Because the design is mesh, staff is able to clearly see the inventory, which cuts down on valuable time spent moving inventory to find a specific SKU. 

Please call us at  0086-1311-956-9934(whatsapp/wechat) to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales people. You may also email us at  sales11@hedarack.com. We’ll send you a prompt quotation. It’s our objective to offer you the highest quality warehouse wire decking for pallet racks, at the lowest price with exceptional customer service.

Advantages of wire mesh decking for pallet racks include:
• Allows you flexibility in what you store on your rack
• Safely supports your pallet loads and prevent them from falling to the floor
• Easy drop-in installation
• Sanitary: self-cleaning: dust and dirt will not build up on wire mesh
• Low maintenance: Doesn’t require cleaning
• Better illumination of product: Light absorbs through wire mesh to give workers better view of product. Improved visibility allows easier inventory
• Improve storage efficiency: Reduce load time by giving forklift driver confidence in setting down pallets at high elevations
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