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How To Boost Sales for Shops With Product Display

An optimal commodity display can facilitate the purchase and improve sales efficiency. This main advertising form of the sales industry refers to an important method of publicity that takes products as the main part and boosts sales by using certain artistic methods and props to display products regularly according to the sellers' business ideas and requirements. According to statistics, if the store can correctly use the shop equipment and shelves and commodity display technology, the sales can be increased by 10% on the original basis.


With the following article, Heda Shelves will help you master the skills of displaying products by making a presentation from the four areas of shop cashier counter, main shop storage shelves and fruit and veg display stands, so as to improve stores’ marketing ability, increase the joint purchasing, and customer stickiness.

Shop Cashier Counter

As long as customers finish their purchase, they will go to the cashier counter. At this time, the goods on the shop storage shelves next to the cashier tables will attract customers' attention. Especially in the peak hour of passenger flow, when customers need to queue up to check out, these goods will directly stimulate their desire to buy.

Small Convenience Goods

Probably most people have experienced this: when we get home from the supermarket, we found out that we didnt buy some things we need, mostly small convenience goods. Hence, merchants can display these commodities that are not conspicuous on the store display shelves next to the cashier.

Product Display With Strong Brand Effect

On the shop storage shelves behind the cashier, the display of brand goods or recently advertised goods will also stimulate customers' purchase desire due to well-known, popular and seasonal factors, but the use of supermarket display shelves should cater to the characteristics of these products.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Generally speaking, chewing gum, candies, children’s snacks, etc. are prone to impulse consumption. They are displayed on small supermarket wooden shelves next to the cashiers, and the height of the shelves is generally the same as the height of the children to attract their attention.

Main Shop Storage Shelves

 Orderly and cleanliness is the basic requirement for product display.
 The popular shop storage shelf layout: free-flowing layout, grid layout and island Layout. Click Basic Layouts For Supermarket Shelves to know more details.
 It’s better to have a finger’s length between the goods displayed on the supermarket gondola shelving
and the upper layer.

 The loading capacity of the top level of Heda’s retail storage shelves is the same as that of the other levels in the middle. However, for safety, merchants generally display lighter products on the top level. The middle-layer board is the optimal display position that should be used for high-selling products. The bottom layer is suitable for heavier, bulky and fragile products. The display of goods should also take the height of the consumer group into account to give customers a sense of security in detail.

 According to the FIFO principle, put new goods at the back to reduce the storage of old goods when arranging goods.


Fruit And Veg Display Stand


Stacked display 

It is suitable for packaging non-round fruits, first arrange the front and side parts and then pile up to a certain extent.

Layered display

Multi-layer fruit and vegetable display stands can perfectly display the richness of products and increase the sense of spatial hierarchy. The collision of colors will be a highlight of the fruit and vegetable area. Different layers of products represent different prices and quality, which is one of the advantages of multi-layer shelf display.

Color Display

There is also a color display for the fruit and vegetable area. For example, in the fruit store near the aisle, displaying yellow, orange, and orange fruits can attract people more attention, and it is possible to drive sales of the entire fruit area.


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