"Brother Rack": Drive in Rack VS. Shuttle Rack

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-04-07 18:45:56

A drive in rack system can massively increase pallet storage space by up to 50% more than  selective pallet rack. Space utilization rate can reach 80%.
Both the shuttle rack and the drive-in rack do not need to have a special passage space for the forklift, so the warehouse space usage rate is very high, but the picking rate of the two is not high, so it is suitable for storing goods of small variety and large quantity. For example: food, milk, cigarettes or frozen products.
In addition, both can achieve first-in, first-out and first in last out operations. However, the forklift of the shuttle car shelf does not need to enter the inside of the rack and the shuttle car is moved to access the goods on the guide rail by remote control, so the shuttle car shelf is more secure than the drive-in rack.

Drive-in racks features:
Good solution for storage of homogeneous products with a variety number of pallets.
2 Very highly efficient use of warehouse space.
3 Loading capacity :within 1500kgs/pallet as general.
4. Rails adjustable optimize space utilization.
5. Easy assembly.

Shuttle racks features:
1 Compared with drive in rack, it's high safety for forklift no need to enter the racking, which reduce shelf collision risk;
2 greatly improved warehouse cargo access efficiency ;
3 High warehouse utilization rate & work efficiency, greatly reduce job waiting time;
4 Different types of products can be levered flexible access;
5 Radio shuttle works at same time with forklift,which greatly improve shelf access efficiency


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