What is the different between storage shelves and supermarket shelves?

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-04-08 18:01:28
Nowadays, there is a growing demand for shelves. In supermarkets, shelves are needed for goods, in clothing stores for clothes, in pharmacies for medicines, and also logistics companies for goods storage, which also need shelves for goods display.

Now, supporting supermarkets will be built around large residential areas to facilitate residents' shopping. The popularity of supermarkets, of course, also makes the application of supermarket shelves very common.

Space is a big problem faced by many people. How to increase space utilization has become very important. A storage system can be considered the best solution to all your problems, to arrange, to organize and stock goods properly.
Warehouse shelves are mainly used for storage of goods, supermarket shelves have the effect of storage, but at the same time it also has a very important role, which is displaying goods, therefore, in order to facilitate consumer choice and buy goods, the appearance of supermarket shelves, height, weight, etc are all have certain requirements, such as the height of the supermarket shelves, generally designed according to the height of the human body, to facilitate the consumers getting goods, the height of the supermarket shelves should be controlled within 3 meters so that avoid consumers cannot get the goods because of height.
In contrast, warehouse shelves are known as storage shelves, their main function is to store the goods, commonly used in the industrial enterprise warehouse, in order to make the storage capacity become bigger, and make all space use up better, so These kinds of shelves are generally scaling up, not as short as supermarket shelves.
These shelves not only make better use of space but also greatly improve the storage function. 

How to choose storage shelves and supermarket shelves? And which point you would care more when you choose shelves? Quality? Warranty? Weight?
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