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How to Arrange Racking in Your Warehouse?

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Update time : 2021-05-21 17:08:21
How to Arrange Racking in Your Warehouse?

The storage racking arrangement is the last step before its use. How to put the racks scientifically and regularly in order to better serve the storage ? For sure, there are some technical things we need to consider. Some people think that the more racks are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but this is not the case.

For example: it's like a soldier that stand in front of the wall. In the case of close to the wall, if double-row racks are placed, then the racks in the inner row will not be easy to put in the goods, and it will be very difficult to take out the goods. However, if the rack is not placed on the side next to the wall, storage space will be wasted. Therefore, it is usually best to place a single rack next to the wall.

Designing the placement of racks based on the turnover of different goods which is an important factor to consider when placing racks. Frequently stored goods should be placed on storage racks near the entrance to the warehouse. In large warehouses, it is convenient to handle large and bulk cargoes. High-level racks are usually placed here.

Please pay attention to the convenience of operation when placing storage racks. This requires effective planning of each area of the warehouse before placement. Where are high-frequency operating areas, where are low-frequency activity areas, where are people moving more frequently, and where are high mechanized operations. Those factors are comprehensively considered, and then the different racks are placed in place to achieve the best use.

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