Your shelves--Which color do you like?

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Author : LEE
Update time : 2021-06-24 17:15:06
When you walk into a supermarket, you will see rows of supermarket shelves. There are a variety of different products on it. Different supermarkets can see that the shelf display is still slightly different, and it may be that the display is not very suitable, which affects consumers’ perception of the supermarket and also affects the supermarket. The level of turnover. And your shelf has a unique color is also a good way to attract customers.

1. Placement of different shapes
Generally speaking, when placing shelves in most supermarkets, they will be placed in parallel rows or in vertical rows, with aisles left in the middle, and the overall shape is rectangular, so that the two rows of shelves are just right between the two rows of shelves. Consumers can find products on double-sided shelves among them, make full use of the space of shelves and supermarkets, and provide consumers with a sense of convenience for shopping.

2. The placement of the different segments and location details of the shelves
There are many kinds of supermarket products. When placing them, it is necessary to arrange them according to certain categories. For example, many non-staple food shelves are in the front, fruits and vegetables and daily necessities are in the middle, and then frozen and fresh and other foods are in the back. In addition to attention to the placement of shelves in this general direction, there are also some details on the placement of attention.

3. Unique shelf color
Nowadays, more and more different types of supermarkets are available for consumers to choose from. The different types of supermarkets with different decorations are dazzling. What kind of shelves can make you stand out? I think it is necessary to customize shelves that are different from the conventional colors.If you have any colors that you want to customize.Please feel free to contact me.
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