How to design the most suitable warehouse for you

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Update time : 2022-03-08 15:36:00
Generally, our warehouse is composed of the warehouse for storing goods, transportation and transmission facilities (such as cranes, elevators, slides, etc.), transportation pipelines and equipment in and out of the warehouse. The purpose of shelves is to make the warehouse for storing goods more efficient and more convenient for the storage, recording and extraction of goods. According to the form of stored goods,

warehouses can be divided into solid goods, liquid goods, gas goods and powder goods; According to the nature of stored goods, it can be divided into warehouses for storing raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products; According to the building form, it can be divided into single storehouse and multi storehouse. In addition, shelves are used in different industries, such as manufacturing, distributors, food and beverage and electronic products. Almost every industry has the demand for warehouses and shelves.

Because of the variety of products, customers who use the warehouse for the first time need the professional guidance of a professional team Heda, we can design for our customers' needs free of charge.

Here are five common shelves

Crossbeam Rack (Selective Pallet Rack)

The stability of the crossbeam shelf is the best, and the bearing capacity per layer can reach about 6 tons. Generally, it can be used with pallet, mesh decking and layer board. It can fit almost all products. Moreover, because of its low cost, the selective rack system is the most popular, which is very suitable for all standard storage systems requiring immediate access to products.

Drive-in Rack

The drive in rack system can provide the maximum density of products in your warehouse, and the utilization rate of the warehouse can reach 80%. It eliminates aisles in warehouse facilities and is very suitable for storing a large number of similar products in a limited space.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack is a kind of high-density storage system, which uses the combination of elevated track and gravity roller, conveyor and other power components to improve the utilization rate.

Very Narrow Aisle rack

Very Narrow Aisle rack imitates the characteristics of selective shelves, which can better access each pallet. Warehouse racks set up high-density storage by making better use of floor area and roof height.

Mezzanine Rack

Mezzanine rack is very suitable for warehouses with many kinds of goods. It can increase the space utilization rate of warehouses by two to three times. Because he doesn't need to build a warehouse to complete the construction of two and more floors quickly

As mentioned above, choosing the right storage system is really a job full of expertise. Let a person who is not familiar with the shelf system directly choose, this may be a huge problem, it is difficult to find a really suitable storage system. At this time, the professional consultant of Heda Shelves is your best partner. Our professional consultants will design the most suitable scheme for you free of charge according to your situation and needs. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of use, our engineer team will consider the height of your warehouse, whether the ground is flat, the location of the entrance, the height of the ceiling lamp, and even the type of goods stored.

Please rest assured that this is not to steal your business secrets. As a professional shelf team, Heda's first task is to put customers first. We must keep customers' information absolutely confidential. The reason why we understand this information is that these are important factors that affect the shelf type, placement, load-bearing and height. For example, if one channel is on the left and the other on the right, then we need to leave a main channel in the middle. If the shape of the goods is a long round tube, then the goods are more suitable for cantilever shelf than beam shelf. This is also the detailed information we ask customers to provide when we design the warehouse for customers.

Due to the wide variety of shelf systems on the market, choosing the right warehouse shelf system is usually proved to be an exhausting task. The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by this task is to consider these factors. The correct warehouse shelf system will help you to maximize the use of space for proper inventory management, and help simplify the warehouse process.

If you are looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of the warehouse, please feel free to contact our professional staff on WhatsApp or Email. We are happy to design the most efficient solution for you.