"The 9 KEY Process"of shelves production--For Purchase Manager

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-06-23 19:17:13
"The 9 KEY Process"of shelves production--For Purchase Manager

The use of shelving can effectively improve the storage space and provide convenience to customers when shopping.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for shelves. In supermarkets, shelves are needed for goods, in clothing stores for clothes, and in pharmacies for medicines, also logistics companies for goods storage, which also need shelves for goods display.
It is an essential and important storage equipment for enterprises at present, and many enterprises need to design and customize suitable storage shelves.
So What is the production process of shelf ? 
Which step will determine shelves quality?
What worries you most when you purchase shelves?
Here are 3 most important question for all clients when they purchase shelves.

So, let come to the FIRST Question : What’s the production process of shelve?
1.Prepare material: the most common material is cold rolled steel, wooden or steel-wood combined shelves. Steel wood shelve is elegant, especially when the lights hit the shelves , and high-end grade.

2.Cut material :the columns, beams and layer need to cut into different sizes according to the different specifications of customers.

3.Bending : shelf storage rack with steel plate, it needs to bend the steel plate, the main purpose is to effectively fix the steel plate on the beam, second, can effectively enhance the bearing capacity of steel plate.

4. Rolling: the role of bending and rolling are to cut off the desired shape of a certain specification length of steel strip through mold rolling, such as column, storage beam, etc .

5. Punching: According to the actual demand, the shelf will carry out positioning and punching for the material rolled out of the roll in a specific position, such as the upright hole, shelve; and back panel sytle as follows.
6. Welded& Polish: If the material parts of the shelves are well processed, some positions of the shelves & storage rack need to be welded, such as column, anchor plate, beam, corner point, etc. After the welding of shelves is completed, it is necessary to polish the welding spot position, which can not only effectively enhance the beauty of the shelf , but also improve the safety of the shelve which will not cut the people when they usage. These are the most important step to ensure safety usage. 

7.ACID Washing & Phosphating: the KEP STPE of production line, which is the most important and greatest strength part of our company. It could Isolate the air to prevent oxidation, prevent the spread of rust pollution even using for decades. This process require a high processing capacity, not only the ability to treat raw materials to high standards, but also the ability to reached environmental protection during this step.
Some small factory will not take strictly into this step, and shelve will be easy to get rust and break after a few years.


8. Painting & Drying : we could paint any color as client;s request, and dry at a constant temperature of 180-220°C to ensure the color keep a longtime, will not fade easily.

9. Packaging -ready for shipment : the last but not the least, products will be packed strictly, and ensure that the goods can better protect the shelves during long-term transportation, avoid damage, and ensure that customers receive the most perfect products at the most reasonable price.

Remember this 9 important step to check all details, you will purchase the PERFECT shelves for your retails store.

Heda team warmly welcome you to visit us at any time, our shelves will help your business be more profitable.