How To Build A Supermarket

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Update time : 2021-06-10 18:33:52
If you want to open a supermarket then we need 7 steps
1. Funding
2. Location
3. Credentials
4. Store decoration
5. Supply
6. Staff recruitment
7. Storage method, which is also the most important

What type of shelves are usually used in supermarkets? There are many types of supermarket shelves, of different sizes. According to customer needs, product display needs, customized shelves that meet the requirements. Generally, different types of supermarket shelves have different sizes. They include:
1. Punching back panel: L900*D450*H1600-1800mm
2. wire-mesh back panel: single-sided specifications are L900*D450*H1350-1800mm, double-sided specifications are L900*D900*H1350-1800mm
3. Flat back panel: single-sided specifications are L1200*D500-600*H1800-2400mm, double-sided specifications are L1200*D1000-1200*H1600mm

1. When placing the shelves, it should be noted that the display volume of 11 to 12 varieties per square meter should be achieved because each shelf must display at least 3 varieties.
2. Under normal circumstances, the top layer usually displays the products that need to be recommended, and the lower layer is usually the products that have entered the recession period in the sales cycle. The second and third layers are the easiest places for the eyes to see and get the products.
3. Calculate a reasonable distance based on the volume of people and the volume of the business products formed by the scale of the store. Generally speaking, the main channel should be between 1.6 and 4.5 meters, and the secondary channel should not be less than 1.2-2 meters

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