How To Effectively Use Cantilever Rack

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-05-10 18:23:41

How to Use Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racking is an important type of common rack, and they are also a special type of rack. Cantilever Racking provides an excellent solution to store irregular or long items, such as furniture, steel tubing, PET/PVC piping and lumber, etc. So it is widely used. 


It is constructed by installing a cantilever on the upright. The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilever rack has a stable structure, good load capacity, and high space utilization. 


Is there a limit to the height of the cantilever rack? What is the maximum? 


Generally speaking, the height of cantilever rack is limited, generally controlled within 8 meters, depending on the choice of storage methods. The cantilever rack picking method is mainly divided into manual picking or forklift picking. When manual storage and retrieval are mainly used, the height of the cantilever shelf is controlled within 10 meters; when the forklift is mainly used for storage and retrieval of goods, the height of the cantilever rack is controlled within 6-8 meters. 

At the same time, the length of the cantilever is controlled within 1.5 meters, and the load of each arm is within 1000kg. Of course, the specific size and load are designed according to customer characteristics and needs. Warehouse structure, material characteristics, warehouse environment, etc. will all affect the final height of the cantilever shelf. At the same time, with the addition of shelves, cantilever racks are especially suitable for warehouses with small spaces and low heights. They are easy to manage, have a wide view, and have a higher utilization rate than ordinary racks. 


In general, the height of the cantilever rack is generally below 6m, and the space utilization rate is 35%-50%. It is suitable for storing long strips and long rolls and has many applications in the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets.

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