How To Select The Racking

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Author : Shawn
Update time : 2021-05-11 16:54:48

Warehouse racks are widely used by more and more enterprises today, but many enterprises do not know where to start when planning their own warehouses. The following points are the factors that affect how to select the racking type and how to layout the warehouse space.

Warehouse architecture

This determines the size of the warehouse racking and the planning of individual special locations.

(1) The height of the warehouse directly affects the height of warehouse racking;
(2) The position of the building beams and pillars will affect the configuration and placement of the racking;
(3) The strength and the flatness of the ground are also related to the design and installation of the racking;

Characteristics of storage goods

That is to say, the shape and size of the storage items, which is directly related to the selection of warehouse racking specifications.

(1) The weight of the stored goods directly affects the strength of the warehouse racking.
(2) The storage unit is also very important, the use of pallets (card plates) or storage cages, or single products have different types of warehouse shelves to choose.


Accessibility of stored goods 

Usually, accessibility and storage density are relative, in order to get high storage density, accessibility must be decreased.

For example, Drive-in racks can get better storage density, but reservoir management is more complex, and often can't do first in first out (FIFO).
Therefore, what type of warehouse racking to use, will consider various factors. If the storage of more goods, it is recommended to choose high-rise warehouse racking, which can greatly improve the storage space.


Handling equipment in the warehouse

Storage unit access operation is completed by handling equipment or manually to complete is not the same, so the selection of warehouse racking needs to consider handling equipment.

The width of the channel will directly affect the selection of the stacking machine, the counterweight type or VNA.

Combined with the above points, the warehouse racking will be a lot clearer to us. So before purchase warehouse racking, we must know what goods are stored, what type of racking will suit our own warehouse structure and the characteristics of goods.