Tips For How to Purchase Warehouse Racks

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2021-05-08 17:21:58

Tips will help you purchase Racks

Racking is the backbone of almost every warehouse, and it’s one of the most important investments a business can make. Different types of businesses have various sorting and product storage needs, and what works for one warehouse may not work for another.

Although the shape and weight of products matter a lot, the overall product turnover rate and quantity of different products sold matter even more.
There are many types of racking systems, and sorting through all the options may take time.

How to purchase a good rack? What kind of factors do we need to consider? Here are some tips for you:

1.Planning is the key to successful operations.

“Plan your layout! Don’t just think of and start throwing pallet racking based upon whim and sudden desire. You should choose the best warehouse rack supplier that –SHOULD–have years of experience in laying out and building a warehouse facility. Rely upon their experience and knowledge. Tell them what you need done and then LISTEN to their suggestions closely.
“Your basic floor plan needs to take into account such things as where receiving and shipping will take place, where the staging areas are, where the office will be, how the pallet racking will be accessed to determine the type of forklift, if any.
“All of those things need to be planned in advance because if not, then as you move things here and there as you like, the more congested and hard to change the racking and overall flow of the warehouse will become.”
2.Budget your project. 

“The first thing to consider is the projected cost of your new racking – as well as the cost of designing and installing your solution.
“It’s not always about going for the cheapest. You still need to ensure that the racking you select will fulfill your requirements, also with a good lifetime.
“We suggest to our client to consider the ‘best solution cost’ rather than simply going for the cheapest standard pallet racking. There is an old saying “Price is equal to quality.

3. To quickly and efficiently design a layout, consider all existing obstructions. 

“After you’ve designed the most efficient layout for your space, then draw in the columns and obstructions and adjust your initial, highly efficient layout as little as possible to accommodate obstructions. Of course, there are always floor space obstructions.
“Columns may be positioned in awkward places… lights, drain pipes, and other hardware may clutter your headroom… and your safety engineer may have requirements that further complicate your layout task.
“That’s why creating an efficient shelving layout system always involves flexibility.
4.Confirm what kind of warehouse rack you need.

There are many different types of pallet racking, to serve multiple functions. Therefore, it is essential first to define your purpose and pick a solution that meets your needs.
What do you want your racking to do? What type of goods will be stored? How often will you need to access the goods? All this information needs to be gathered and collated before any solution is proposed.

5.Size of your warehouse?

Don’t just consider yourself to looking at the floorplan, but taking into account the vertical space.
Warehouse solution experts always think and work in 3D – that is, they look at both the floor plan and the height, and they then devise a racking system that makes the best use of all the space available.
In some cases, by making full use of the height of a warehouse – even up to 20 meters – you could double your storage capacity. However, consider other associated costs, such as a warehouse crane and lifting equipment.
6.Safety factory is Essential

In any working environment health and safety is a super important consideration, and none more so than in warehousing. Warehouses can be busy and potentially dangerous places, with people, vehicles and large goods and items all being moved around simultaneously.
It is important to ensure not only that the pallet racking you choose is of a high standard but that it is correctly installed. Also, ensure annual safety checks on your pallet racking are carried out, so safety standards are maintained.
Our team has 20 years of experience in the storage industry. We hope this article has answered some questions about what to consider before investing in a warehouse racking system. If you would like more information and to talk to our expert team please get in touch with us at any time.