3 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Shelving for Your Business

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Author : Katherine
Update time : 2022-03-01 18:05:00
When designing the space of your retail environment, be careful of the placement and use of retail shelving. After all, your shelving has the ability to enhance the overall layout of your retail store and create an inviting environment for customers.
Retail shelving is so ubiquitous that you may not even give it much thought until it comes time to buy new pieces. These 3 tips will help you choose the right retail shelving for your business.
1. Choose the style based upon your "Brand Style"
Trend or classic? Vintage or high-tech? The style of shelving you choose depends upon the customers you serve and the products you sell. If you sell fine jewelry, for example, glass shelving with carefully focused lighting suits your merchandise much better than rustic wood or industrial metal. 

Here are some common types of shelf 
√ Slatwall Backed – This type of shelving is incredibly versatile and allows you to move to shelve easily. These shelves are generally better for lighter items.

√ Gondola Shelving – As mentioned above this type of shelving is the most popular to use and also works well to configure your store’s layout. It can also hold almost any type of item – from featured items to heavier merchandise.
√ End Caps – Typically paired at the end of gondola shelving, they are usually temporary for holiday or seasonal items, but they can also be used to expand shelving.
√ Wall Units – This type of shelving can be placed on empty walls in your store. This allows you to visually break up the space while keeping products visible for customers.
√ Wall End Display Units – This type of unit is useful when you need to expand existing wall shelving, or you can use slatwalls or pegboards to hang hooks or baskets.

2. Choose shelving that fits your space
If your store is small, the shelving you buy should showcase your merchandise without overwhelming your space. You may not want to invest in a lot of gondola shelving because it's big and bulky, but you can serve most shelving needs with lighter, smaller, more mobile options like slat walls and slatted gondola units.

3. Choose the best color is one of the keys to attractive customer customers
Color is possibly the most important factor that affects customers to decide whether step into a store or not, as it affects us subliminally and instinctively, without our even being aware of it.
Before choosing the color of gondola shelving, you need to determine the age range of your customers, whether they are male or female, their culture, their education level, their financial status, as well as taking into consideration the type of product or service you are selling. Are you trying to attract a buyer who is price-conscious or one who is at the upper end of the market, children, adults or the elderly, male or female or both?

By understanding both the psychological and physiological impact of your choice of colors you can create a unified color scheme for your retail business that will have a positive effect on your customers and inspire them to visit you time and time again and to think of you first when they need your type of product or service. In other words, your customer will feel so comfortable in your store they will return on a regular basis and tell their friends about you.

It doesn't have to be difficult to determine what you need when you're about to purchase new retail shelving. Keep the customers you serve in mind, and make sure you meet your own needs, too. While functionality is certainly important, so are aesthetics. Today's shelving options give you both.

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