How To Choose The Shelf That Suits You

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Author : LEE
Update time : 2021-06-17 15:11:12
Do you know what is a shelf? Generally speaking, the shelf refers to the shelf for storing goods, and in the storage equipment, the shelf refers to the storage equipment specially used to store the finished items.

Do you know what type of shelf has the widest range of applications? At present, light and medium-sized laminate shelves and beam shelves are widely used in warehouses.

However, the types of shelves used in different industries will still be different.

Today I want to introduce to you how to classify various storage shelves, including heavy-duty shelves. What kind of shelf is used in what industry,

1. Communication electronics, electrical appliances ------light shelf, medium shelf, weight shelf, beam type shelf, pallet type shelf

2. Mechanical equipment------medium-weight racks, weight racks, beam racks, position racks, pallet picking racks, cantilever racks, drawer mold racks, loft racks, steel platforms, automation Stereoscopic warehouse

3. Medicine, chemical industry------light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, beam shelves, pallet shelves, electric mobile shelves, gravity shelves, drive-in shelves

4. Textile and clothing industries------light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, beam shelves, pallet shelves

5. Food, cold storage------medium-sized shelves, heavy-duty shelves, beam shelves, drive-in shelves, electric mobile shelves

6. Electric power industry------medium-sized racks, heavy-duty racks, beam racks, cantilever racks, automated three-dimensional warehouses

7. Logistics warehouse------heavy-duty racks, beam racks, drive-in racks, push-back racks, gravity racks, automated three-dimensional warehouses

8. Hospitals, schools, publishing, book wholesale------light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, beam shelves, position shelves, pallet picking shelves, mobile shelves, dense shelves

9. Army and military enterprises------light, medium and heavy type shelves, beam type shelves, loft type shelves