5 Key Steps - How To Maintain Warehouse Storage Racks

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Author : Rainee
Update time : 2021-10-15 14:53:07
I believe that many enterprises will give comprehensive consideration to the purchase of warehouse storage racking systems and ask a question, that is, what is the service life of storage racks in your racking and shelving factory?
In fact, the racks used in the warehouse are like cars. If people do not cherish or maintain them, they will soon be eliminated, aged and scrapped. It's not about the time limit set by the rack and shelf manufacturer, because the time limit set by the shelf manufacturer is confirmed according to the correct use. Therefore, your correct use is related to the interests of your warehouse.
Heda Shelves will tell you how to prevent the deformation of storage racks and how to maintain warehouse storage racks with the following articles, which will bring greater benefits to the warehouse.

1. Apply protective paint on the warehouse storage racks regularly to reduce rust, conduct a daily inspection, and fix the screws in time.

2. Timely and reasonably ventilate the warehouse but avoid excessive sunlight, prevent wet goods from being placed on the warehouse storage racks, and try to drain and dehumidify to ensure that the warehouse cannot be excessively wet.

3. A set of crash barriers or base protectors, installed in the aisle, shall be equipped according to different types of warehouse racks, aisle widths, and transportation tools.

4. The weight of goods placed on the warehouse racks must be within the load-bearing capacity of the warehouse storage racks. The warehouse managers shall make load-bearing and load-limiting marks on the racks. Follow the principle that heavy objects shall be put at the bottom and light objects at the top.

5. Warehouses with heavy and multi-layer shelves must be equipped with power stackers. The use and operation of power stackers must only be operated by certified special personnel. Most of the deformation of the warehouse rack columns is caused by non-professionals operating the power stackers.

6. Specify the rack use system. Different warehouses and different goods have different ways to use the storage racks in each warehouse. Warehouse managers should formulate a rack use system so that each user of warehouse storage racks can learn and abide by it, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

Above are the steps for warehouse rack maintenance. Click here to know about Heda's warehouse storage racks, and find the ideal racks for your warehouse.

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