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How To Prevent Storage Racking Deformation And Prolong Its Service Life

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Update time : 2022-03-10 16:32:48
I believe that many enterprises will consider all aspects, such as the safety, quality and type of warehouse storage racks, when purchasing, and usually ask the racking manufacturer questions like How is the durability? what is the service life of the storage racking system? In fact, warehouse racks are just like cars: If they are not cherished and maintained, they will soon be aged, scrapped and eliminated. This has nothing to do with the operation life given by the racking supplier, as this estimated operation life is based on the premise of correct use. Whether or not correctly using industrial storage racks is related to the interests of your warehouse. Heda Shelves will talk about how to prevent the deformation of metal storage racks and the way to maintain a storage racking system, so as to bring maximum benefits to the warehouse.

Methods of Warehouse Storage Racking Maintenance

There are many factors affecting the service life of storage shelves, such as temperature, humidity, light and ventilation conditions of the warehouse. High humidity will lead to rust of the racking, reduce the load-bearing capacity and reduce the service life after all.

Daily Inspection

Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rust. If there are loose screws, they need to be fixed in time.
Reasonable Warehouse Ventilation
Keep the warehouse from excessive humidity, but also avoid excessive sunlight, prevent wet goods from being placed on shelves, and try to drain and dehumidify.

Anti Collision Measures

A set of anti-collision posts shall be equipped according to different shelves, channel widths and material transportation tools, and anti-collision guardrails shall be installed at the channel position.

Rational Use of Warehouse Racking

The weight of goods placed on the shelf must be within a prescribed load-bearing capacity. The warehouse manager had better make load-bearing or load limiting marks on the racks. Follow the principle that the bottom shelf is heavy objects and the top is light objects.

Professional Warehouse Operation Staff

Heavy duty and high bay warehouse racking systems need to be equipped with high-capacity forklifts, and the use of forklifts must only be operated by certified personnel. Most of the deformation of the column of the warehouse racking is caused by the use of the forklift by non-designated personnel.

Racking Use System

For different warehouses and different goods, storage racking has different conventional methods. Warehouse managers should formulate a racking use system so that each racking user can learn and abide by it, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.


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